30,000L ADR

  • 30,0000L ADR tank
  • With a max operating weight of 44T
  • This tanker is top loading via a manlid.
  • With the option of Gravity or Pressure Discharge.
  • Safety Features include Rear Access Ladder, Fully Enclosed Handrail and Catwalk.

30,000Litre Multi-Pot ADR Tanker

  • 30,000Litre Non-Pressure, stainless steel, multi pot tanker.
  • Fully enclosed handrail and rear ladder.
  • Designed and manufactured to meet ADR requirements.

33,000L Insulated ADR Tank

  • 33,000L insulated ADR tank designed for the transportation of Gas Oil/Black Oil. Top fill loading system via gantry, side access ladder with handrail. Fiberglass insulation with aluminium panels.

Black Oil Step-Neck

  • 38,000L ADR un-insulated, single compartment, stepped barrel tank. Initial use for black oil but designed and certified to ADR/EBS and anti-roll stability with a fully enclosed handrail which is manuall operated.

19,000L ADR Tanker

  • 19,000L ADR tanker designed for the transportation of Harardous Wastes with Top Loading and Discharge System

32,500L 7 Compartment ADR Tank

  • 7 Compartment Tanker
  • Sequenced Footvalves and Vent valves
  • S/S Rotary Vane pump
  • Magflo Metering system with Batch Controller
  • Seperate Water Compartment for line and pump cleaning.

25,000L ADR/IMO Tanker

  • Product Specific
  • Stainless Steel Pump and Batching System
  • Designed to ADR/IMO

22,500L Acid Tank

  • 316L Stainless steel barrel;
  • Self tracking rear steer axle;
  • One sided catwalk with centre infill, with fully enclosed handrail;
  • EBS system with RTR (Reset To Ride height) facility.
30,000 litre ADR GP tank

30,000litre ADR GP tank

  • 30,000 litre ADR GP tank c/w fully enclosed handrail and hydraulic product pump

37,500L Hazardous ADR Tank

  • 5 Manlids
  • 4 Baffles
  • Full ground level load and discharge

30,000L Hazardous ADR Tank

  • 4 Manlids
  • 3 Baffles
  • Fully enclosed handrail

2500L Fuel Bouser

  • Onboard Fuel meter and pump