Fire Authority equipment

South Wales Fire & Rescue

  • 14,000 ltr Water Bowser.
  • Stainless steel barrel mounted to a MAN chassis cab.
  • Options of gravity discharge or lightweight portable pump.
  • Valve are operated from control panel at rear o/s.
  • Tilt test platform 31.4 and 31.5 degrees on JCDD tilt platform test.

London Fire Brigade ,Bulk Water Carrier

  • 14,500L 304 Grade Stainless Steel Barrel mounted to a DAF Chassis Cab;
  • Godiva, PTO Driven ,Pumping Equipment delivering 2,750 L/min;
  • Stainless Steel Lockers and Hose Trays.

Northern Ireland Fire Brigade

  • Northern Ireland Fire Brigade. Tilt test. platform angle 33.5 deg - body angle 38 deg.

Cornwall Fire Brigade

  • Cornwall Fire Brigade. Mercedes Atego 4x2. 9500 Ltr water carrier