Food Tankers

34,000Litre Food Grade Tanker

  • 34,000Litre Food Grade Artic Tanker
  • Maximum operating weight 44T.
  • Top loading via a manlid, the product is pumped via a Torres Pump.
  • Load is discharged via Gravity or Pumped Discharge system.
  • Rear Access Ladder with fully enclosed handrail and Yorgrip catwalk.

34,000L Food Tanker

  • 34,000Litre Food grade tanker being used in the transportation of oil to make bio-diesel.
  • This tanker has a max operating weight of 44T.
  • It has a top loading system with pump option.
  • A side ladder, catwalk and manual handrail.

33,000litre Fish Tank

  • This is a 33,000Litre Atmospheric Alloy fish tank.
  • Max operating weight of 38T
  • Side ladder with platform at top manlid.
  • Top manlid is a hydraulically driven to slide open and shut.
  • All controls are at ground level with indicators.

35,000Litre Food Grade Tanker

  • Operating System of 44Tonnes
  • Fully Enclosed Handrail and Walkway
  • Fitted with an innovative Meritor Tyre Inflator System by P.S.I(TM).

13,500L Edible Oils Tank

  • 2 compartment edible oils tanker.
  • Fully enclosed stainless steel discharge cabinet, housing hygenic pump, discharge reel and metering equipment, c/w ticket printer.
  • Side mounted pump for "used oil" collection and discharge.
  • Designed and built to PED.

35,000L Food Grade Tanker

  • Two compartment Tanker; 22,500L and 12,500L;
  • Both compartments can be pressurised independently;
  • Each compartment has its own central locking circuit incorporating all hosetrays, top boxes and cabinets. Each compartment also has its own boot compartment with all controls for operation inside. This tanker is two tanks in one.
  • There is a fully enclosed, pnuematically operated handrail, surrounding a full width, full length catwalk, operated from a ground level control station.

34,000L Food grade tank

  • 316L Stainless steel barrel
  • Full sequential Central Locking
  • Insulated top boxes
  • Rear boot with pump

32,000L Food grade Tank

  • 2 Manlids, 2 compartment
  • Stainless steel rear cabinet
  • Ground level operation

30,000L Fish Tank

  • No Baffles
  • Auto drop axle with load sensing
  • Top catwalk with pivoting handrail