Vacuum Tankers

20,500Ltr Stainless Vacuum

  • 4No 20,500 ltr Stainless Steel Vac Tank.
  • All valves and manway controlled from panel at rear.
  • Used to carry waste sludge & slurry.

26T Combination Unit

  • Nash Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump,
  • Pratissoli MK60 Jetting Pump,
  • Vacuum Pump and Jetting pump both shaft driven from split drive PTO,
  • Jurop PNR 72 Pressure Pump, hydraulic driven,
  • Self Aligning hose reel, 320 degree rotation, with 100m of 1 1/4" Sewer Jetting Hose,
  • Auxilliary Hose Reel, with 60m of 3/4" Jetting hose c/w hand lance.
  • 2000 G Dirty Compartment, 700 G Clean compartment.
  • Remote Control System, c/w emergency shut down function.
  • Designed and Manufactured in accordance with EN14025 and PED

26T Combination Unit

  • Wittig RFW 260 Vacuum Pump,
  • Prattisoli MS50 Jetter,
  • Vac pump and Jetter shaft driven from Split drive PTO,
  • 6" Suction Boom, 320 degrees rotation, hydraulic driven,
  • Self Aligning Hose Reel, hydraulic operation, with 100m of 1" Sewer Jetting Hose,
  • Auxilliary Hose Reel, with 60m of 1/2" Jetting hose, c/w handlance.
  • Designed and Manufactured to EN14025 and PED

15,000L Vacuum Tanker

  • 2 compartment vacuum tanker each having a capacity of: 11,400L dirty 3,600L clean
  • Maximum operating weight of 26T
  • Manufactured from stainless steel and fitted with a side access ladder. and a separate water pump for cleaning.
  • Tanker will be used to carry Non-Hazardous Sludges and Effulent.

30,000Litre ADR VAC Tank

  • 30,000Litre
  • 44Tonne Operating Weight
  • ADR Stainless Steel Vacuum Tank
  • Vinylester Glass-Flake Resin LIned for the Carriage of Hazardous Waste Acid

Aluminium Vacuum Tank

  • 33,000Litre Aluminium Vacuum Tanker
  • Designed for the Transportation of Non-Hazardous Products
  • Self-tracking Rear Axle C/W Damper
  • Carbon Filter on Vacuum Pump Inlet/Outlet

Non-Hazardous Vacuum Tank

  • 33,000Litre Vacuum Tanker
  • For the Transportation of Non-Hazardous Products.
  • Maximum Operating Weight of 44Tonne
  • Pneumatic Loading/Discharge System Operated from Rear WorkStation for Optimum Safety.

Aluminium Vacuum Tanker

  • 33,000Litres Aluminium Vacuum Tanker
  • Tare Weight of 5650Kg
  • Lightweight Tanker to allow for Maximum Payload.

Vacuum Combination Unit

  • 14,500L, 26Tonne
  • 2 Compartments - 13,600L Dirty and 900L Clean.
  • Tipping Jet/Vac Combination Unit, Wittig Pump, hydraulically driven c/w PTO.
  • Designed for the carriage of Non-Hazardous Products, manufactured in Stainless steel.
  • Tipping gear is controlled from inside the cab as per HSE regulations.
  • Certified by HSB IQ.
  • Designed and Manufactured in accordance with PD5500 & PED.

VACLIGHT Aluminium 33000L

  • Tare Weight From 5200 kgs
  • Aluminium construction with stainless steel bogie
  • Designed for Non-Hazardous operation
  • Pneumatically Operated Manlid Controlled From Ground Level Workstation
  • Hydraulically Driven Vacuum Exhauster
  • Self tracking Rear axle
  • Built To PD5500

16,200L Non-Hazardous Rigid Vacuum Tanker

  • 16,200L 304 Grade Stainless Steel Barrel mounted on a Scania Chassis Cab;
  • Jurop Hydraulically Driven, Air Cooled Vacuum Exhauster;
  • Designed in Accordance with PD5500

30,000L Non-Hazardous Vacuum Tanker

  • Pneumatically Operated Manlid Controlled From Ground Level Workstation
  • Hydraulically Driven Vacuum Exhauster
  • Built To PD5500
19000L ADR Tipping vacuum tanker

19000 L ADR Tipping Vacuum tanker

  • 19000L ADR Tipping vacuum tanker C/W hydraulically driven vacuum exhauster and jetting pump

30,000L Hazardous/ADR Vacuum Tanker

  • Fully Opening Manually Operated Back Door
  • Hydraulically Driven Vacuum Exhauster
  • 316L Stainless Steel

30,000L Low Hazard Vacuum Tank

  • 316L Stainless steel
  • Vacuum Exhauster silencer
  • Self tracking Rear axle

18,000L Hook Lift Vacuum Tank for hazardous products

  • c/w engine and exhauster unit in silenced cover
  • Built to ADR Specification

11,000L Rigid Vacuum Tank

  • Cesspool emptier
  • 316L Stainless Steel

28,000L Hazardous Vacuum Tank

  • c/w fully silenced engine driven exhauster
  • Self tracking Rear axle
  • Built to ADR Specification

14,000L Non hazardous Rigid Vacuum tank

  • Mild steel
  • Cesspool emptier.
  • Jurop Hydraulic drive Pump.
  • Fully opening back door