Trust Crossland to Combine your Cargos

Crossland is renowned for our extensive range of products, engineered over the years and this trailer solution is no exception.

It has been developed and manufactured to help reduce empty running for hauliers with specific cargos.

We can achieve this by combining two things that don’t typically go together. However, by engineering a way to do so we leverage the strengths of both constituent products, namely tankers and trailers to deliver real-world benefits for hauliers with specific requirements. The awareness of the environment our customers operate in and the need to partake in lowering carbon emissions and driving efficiency was the inspiration for creating this tank-trailer combination.

Elimination of empty running has been a major focus point and top of our agenda. Although it has come with its difficulties, we have been at the forefront of innovation in this area and have produced two types of dual cargo trailer for common applications.

Take the Dairy Industry for our first example.

Alongside a long-standing partner, we designed and manufactured a trailer which can transport both liquid milk and palletised dairy produce. This solution is a twin deck trailer with a standard deck on top and a tanker on the bottom.

The tanker payload is 22,000L, making this unit comparable to a normal 8×2 truck. It can be offered in basic milk reload configuration or additionally equipped with a metering system to perform milk collection from farms. All functions associated with a normal milk tanker are present, with pumped loading and discharge and CIP systems installed.

Stability is ensured by careful consideration of the center of gravity during the design process and use of the latest ‘roll stability’ brake and suspension technology available on today’s market. Loading and unloading of dry cargo is also made easy and efficient by using the rear tail-lift.

A secondary example is the alcohol industry.

The Crossland hopper/tanker combination allows hauliers to transport essential ingredients, for example, malted barley or yeast into a distillery and bulk alcohol back out again.  The trailer operates at 44T GVW and offers a payload of 32,000L of whiskey and 36m3 of grain.  The trailer is supplied in 316 stainless steel, with full ADR certification for transport of alcohol.  Various locking features offer the highest levels of load security.  Overfill prevention is fitted as standard for extra protection and inside, the vessel is finished to full food-grade specification to ensure the highest level of product integrity.

For grain transport, the central hopper is designed for top loading and gravity discharge into a floor mounted receiver.  An automatic sheeting system ensures that the cargo is fully protected from the elements.  There are inbuilt systems to allow removal of excess grain and visual aids to enable loading levels to be monitored are also fitted as standard.

So, with the decreased carbon emissions and huge possible efficiency savings, whether it be milk or something stronger, we believe we’ve created something worth raising a glass to!

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16th July 2019

Posted by: Hannah McCusker

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