We all know the problems caused by damage, or the need to refurbish ageing tankers. Our skilled engineers offer a full repair and refurbishment service, whether it’s cosmetic or structural, re-cladding a tanker’s outer skin or re-equipping it with the latest technology.

We offer a comprehensive service that covers all eventualities, from minor accident and shipping damage to major rollovers. We also carry out periodic in-service pressure tests to ADR/ PSSR.

Due to the long-life cycle of stainless steel tankers, the barrel usually outlives the rigid chassis. We offer a full refurbishment and remount service, so you can have a new vehicle with a tank as good as new.

We hand craft all of our tankers to your specification

Key Repair Services Include:

  • Cut & stretch to increase capacity/wheelbase, with VOSA approval for trailers
  • Running gear replacements
  • Roll over vehicle damage
  • Trailers dropped on their rubbing plate
  • Imploded tank damage - Due to vent or vacuum issues
  • Metering system replacements & modifications
  • Leaking tank and pipework
  • Shipping damage
  • All cosmetic and structural repairs undertaken
  • Quotations can be offered for insurance purposes
  • We also offer a full paint service on site, which will accept most vehicle combinations on the road (Booth size 30m Long x 5m high).

Do you have any needs for tanker repairs or remounts?

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