We are renowned for the extensive range of specialist products we manufacture for a variety of industries.

Our extensive industry experience, our highly skilled and experienced workforce, and our commitment to using only the very best materials that will stand the test of time are just some the reasons why we are continually able to create bespoke and highly innovative tanker solutions, for many different applications.

JetVac Combination Unit

Some of the special / bespoke projects we have developed for our customers to date include the following:

  • High tipping vac tanks
  • Hook lift tankers
  • Street-wash tanks
  • Lightweight aluminium half pipe trailers
  • Stainless steel or aluminium ejector trailers
  • Tanker-Trailer combination units that combine a tank under the deck of a normal trailer to allow for dual load carrying abilities, which can be specified to your requirements.
  • A range of jet vacs, gully emptiers and recyclers.
  • We can incorporate full PLC control for ease of use, reliability and safety. We also supply various vacuum pump, jetting pump, reel combinations, booms and multiple drive options. ADR certification is also available if required.

Are you looking for a custom / bespoke solution for a specific application?

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