Why choose Crossland?

Why do our customers keep returning to us year after year? It’s all down to quality, innovation, and customer service: by working with dedicated members of our sales and design teams, we ensure that you are involved at every stage of the manufacturing process, from concept right through to completion.

As a result, we don’t just create tankers that match your precise exact requirements, we develop solutions that deliver real value; the guarantee of industry leading quality that has become a Crossland trademark.


When we first started out in business back in 1988, we were originally a tanker repairs and servicing company, providing maintenance services to local bulk liquid haulage companies.

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    However, although our resources were modest when we started out, our passion, determination, and ambition to succeed were always there in abundance. As a result, by the mid-1990s – building on our extensive repairs experience – we began to manufacture our very own tankers for the UK road industry at our factory in Swatragh, trading under the name Crossland Tankers Ltd.


    From here, our business grew year-on-year, culminating in the purchase of Massey tankers, in 2003. This not only gave us access to a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, it also gave us a base within the UK mainland.


    Today, we employ over 130 people across our two manufacturing sites at Swatragh (Northern Ireland) and Burnley (Lancashire), and are one of the leading tanker manufacturers in the UK and Ireland.


    We are proud to have a wide range of customers in Ireland, the UK, the EU, and the Middle East.

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    Accreditation, Documentation and Policies

    Full details of all our accreditation's, documents and policies can be downloaded by customers and suppliers, who are working alongside us.

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    The following is a list of the various accreditations that Crossland has available for download by our partners for reference:

    More accreditations are available on request, please contact us if you require more information.


    The following is a list of the various policies that Crossland has available for download by our partners for reference:

    More policies are available on request, please contact us if you require more information.

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    Health & Safety

    Our dedication to health and safety is evident in everything we do; from the way in which we work, through to the tankers that we build.

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    We pride ourselves on providing a happy work environment for everyone because we know that a happy, healthy workforce ultimately means a better end product for our customers.



    Our regular in-house training ensures that our team are ahead of the game when it comes to the latest developments in their respective areas of expertise.


    However, as well as constantly helping our staff to upgrade their existing skills and qualifications, we also provide extensive health and safety training, and have procedures in place to ensure that important issues are highlighted if they should occur.

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    You don’t get a reputation for quality like ours overnight. Our highly skilled workforce utilises decades of experience to ensure our tankers are fit for purpose.

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    We only use premium components, sourced from our trusted suppliers. By utilising 3D modelling we can walk you through the design before manufacture so you can be sure your tanker is exactly what you want. We meet the highest quality standards in every area. Our tankers are built with pride for customers who demand the best.

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    We work in partnership with higher education institutions locally, to develop talent and provide employment.

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    In fact, many of our most experienced staff began their careers with apprenticeships right here at Crossland: that’s exactly why our ongoing commitment to education is something we are incredibly proud of, and something we believe has been instrumental in our success to date.

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    We don’t just believe in green, we live it. For this reason, most of the energy we use is renewable, with electricity sourced from both PV cells and wind turbines.

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    Among many practical measures we take to reduce our environmental footprint, we constantly review our production procedures and targets and are always focused on reducing waste throughout our daily operations.

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    Community Service

    we engage with many stakeholders to deliver real csr results

    Our community ethos is really important to us as a company. This is evident in the fact that most of our staff are recruited from the local area, with many remaining on our team for many years.

    But in order to retain staff, they must be happy and well rewarded for the work they do. That’s why staff welfare is so important to us and we take every care to ensure a healthy life/work balance for all our team members.

    Our contribution to charitable causes is another integral part of our approach: over many years we have become an integral part of the local community and greatly value our excellent relations with local people and institutions.

    In addition, we are always proud to support staff members who take part in sponsored events and good causes, all of which are of enormous benefit to the wider community of which our business is a part.

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