At Crossland we work with our customers to develop solutions that help create value and gain a competitive edge.

That’s why, whenever one of Europe’s largest transport companies asked us about the possibility of developing a fully electric heated bitumen tanker to allow shipment of bitumen from the continent to the UK, we developed a custom solution that we can now offer as an option on all our Bitumen tankers.

The bitumen industry is continually innovating with modern technologies such as polymer additives and by coupling these modern technologies with operators employing ever-leaner supply chains meaning that temperature control is crucial to successful delivery.

Our mission was clear, we had to create a tanker that could collect bitumen from anywhere in the world and deliver it at the same temperature.

Crossland has many years of experience engineering and delivering hundreds of bitumen tankers which are operating successfully throughout the UK and Europe.

By combining our expertise of engineering robust and reliable road vessels along with a successful partnership with electric heating supplier Eltherm, we successfully delivered a tanker that has the reliability you expect from Crossland but with the ability to perform intercontinental deliveries at constant temperatures.

That said, this tanker is not only designed for companies who operate within the continental market but also for local, domestic hauliers.  Our system can bring a load of bitumen that has dropped to an unacceptable delivery temperature back up to the correct temperature specification again – extremely useful when an unplanned incident means a crucial delivery must wait overnight.

How does it work?

The onboard heating system is powered by a connection through a standard industrial plug, identical to those found on refrigerated shipping containers.  This means that your tanker can be shipped unaccompanied and you can be sure that it will arrive in port with its cargo at the same temperature as it left.

On overland journeys, the trailer can be plugged into a power source when the driver is taking mandatory breaks.  An onboard GPS, telematics and control system allow constant real-time temperature monitoring and control.

Our trailer is designed to maintain a pre-set temperature with no operator input, however, fine adjustments can still be made remotely from anywhere with a web connection due to the control system utilised.

Specific insulation and our ever-reliable bitumen tank shell mean our trailer can comfortably cope with the stress loads induced by this increased heating and cooling.

The heating system can also be supplied with an optional module for heating the tanker outlet, allowing complete control of product temperature right the way to your customer’s delivery point.


Tanker Technical Specifications
  • Capacity: 33,400L
  • GVW: 44T (Optional)
  • Temperature Rating: -20 to +250°C
  • Peak Power Requirement: 18kW
  • Outlet: 6” Homier and 4” Pneumatic Valves
  • Operating Pressure: 2 Bar, Vacuum loading option available
  • Operation: Full ground level operation


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10th January 2019

Posted by: Crossland Tankers

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