Maximise your corporation tax efficiency by investing in a tanker from UK & Ireland’s leading road tanker manufacturer.

Maximise your Corporation Tax efficiency by investing in a state-of-the-art tanker from UK & Ireland’s leading road tanker manufacturer.

Businesses subject to UK corporation tax will benefit from a 100% first-year tax deduction for expenditures incurred on qualifying plant or machinery. This initiative substantially reduces the in-year cost of such investments by 25%.

Full expensing allows your businesses to claim the full tax deduction for the cost of the asset in the same year that you invest, boosting profits and driving economic growth.

Here’s what you need to know…

  • The programme only applies to expenditures on plant and machinery including Crossland’s full range of chemical, general purpose, bitumen, milk, vacuum and food tankers.
  • Expenditure must be incurred by a company subject to corporation tax.
  • Assets must be new and unused.
  • Claims must be made in the period in which expenditure is incurred.

For all businesses, the ability to fully expense asset purchases can help with financial viability and strategic planning. It can significantly reduce tax liabilities, providing an immediate cash flow benefit, helping your company invest in new technologies and expand your operations or capabilities.

From January 2024 onwards, we expect this to be the main capital allowance that transport and logistics can claim when making asset purchases through their business.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to upgrade your fleet whilst enjoying significant tax benefits.

Contact Crossland Tankers today to explore our range of tankers and discuss how the Full Expensing Tax Deduction Scheme can work for your business.

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30th January 2024

Posted by: crossland

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