Over 25 years ago we designed and manufactured our first General Purpose tankers. They were the first of their kind to have chassis and barrel assemblies made completely from stainless steel for the UK and Irish markets.

This didn’t happen by accident. We learned from undertaking repairs and alterations for fleets of road tankers in the late 80’s and early 90’s of the frustrations endured by operators and fleet managers when dealing with the tankers that were on the market. That’s why our skilled engineers started with a blank sheet of paper to design the next generation of GP tankers over 25 years ago and we have done the same in 2018.

We listened to feedback from our customer base about General Purpose tankers currently operating within the UK and EU markets. That’s why we have redesigned and redeveloped our tanker to include some key features whilst maintaining a variety of key-points about our initial design:

  • Specifically, designed options for our customers whether the tanker utilised for shipping operations or fully internal country work.
    1. Shipping options allow the tanker to cross the sea without issue and reliability, these include:
      1. Longer rubbing plate to prevent shunter damage
      2. Strengthened landing legs allowing the tanker to be dropped on uneven surfaces
      3. The centre of gravity is designed to give maximum traction as well as a versatile range where product weights are concerned
    2. Internal operations tankers for use within a country or cross-country where the extra weight of a shipping tanker is not required. These features include:
      1. Shorter rubbing plate to reduce weight
      2. Leg area has reduced material but still maintains strength whenever the tanker is unhooked.
  • Light-weight tanker design to ensure maximum payload with the maximum reliability of a tanker that will last 15+ years on the most demanding of applications and roads throughout Europe. This is achieved through innovations including:
    1. Baffles & Dished Ends
    2. Innovative chassis design
    3. Reduced cladding material whilst maintaining the ease of replacement of our cladding design

This process hasn’t been a renovation of a design but more similar to a complete re-think. We maintained our original design philosophy of having a strong, reliable, dependable and operator friendly general purpose tanker, however, we have made the improvements operators have always talked about.

So ultimately how does our redesign of the tanker affect you, the customer?
  1. A lighter tanker thus more payload
  2. The same reliability tanker that you know will still meet your demanding applications for 15+ years.
  3. We supply a tanker that has a shorter lead time than our competitors thereby allowing hauliers to adapt to their customers’ demands faster
  4. Maintenance and serviceability ingrained within our design philosophy
  5. Options designed for specific operations/ operators

For more information about our tankers please see our products page or get-in contact with our sales team on +4428 7940 1555.

2nd December 2018

Posted by: ttladmin

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