Three numbers that may not have great significance to you right now but in relation to aluminium vacuum tankers they are world leading!


What is the story behind our aluminium tankers?

We engineered our first aluminium waste vacuum tanker in the early 2000s and after a number of working prototypes we released the product in 2004. The idea was first conceived right next to the Crawley wastewater treatment works to meet the operational requirements of wastewater operators and haulage contractors

At the time it was very different thinking than the traditional stainless-steel barrel and donkey engine products that many haulage operators worked with. Whilst the times may have changed the key design criteria that we had to meet back in 2004 are like those of today:

  1. Heavy operational use as most operators ran tankers on 12-hour shifts if not 24 so the tanker had to be highly reliable whilst also lightweight
  2. Ensuring that the barrel would not be susceptible to substances that are non-pH neutral
    • That’s why we glass flake line our tankers in-house if your requirements dictate the product may not be pH neutral
  3. Very tight working environment – to maximise the efficiency of a haulage operation, be it for leachate, sludge or other non-hazardous liquids it is about carrying as much as possible. That’s why our tanker was designed to have maximum manoeuvrability as well as maximum capacity up to 44tonnes.

As all hauliers are aware the push to Euro 6 engines has left tractor units heavier than in previous years, this has dented the efficiency that they can operate with. Therefore, we have gone back to the drawing board with our aluminium tankers to re-engineer them for 2019 and beyond.

Some of the key aspects we have re-engineered include:

  1. Alterations to the chassis and leg area to reduce weight whilst improving the overall strength of the tanker
  2. A new & registered design of an aluminium rear crash bar – EWVTA approved
  3. Lighter pump frame allowing for different and larger pumping options

All of this amounts to a tanker that at its lightest specification weighs only 5250kg and can carry a maximum payload of 33,000L.

Compare that to our previous vacuum tanker weighing 5700Kg and you can see for yourself how an increase of 450kg over every load you undertake can soon pay off!

We haven’t forgotten what made our initial tanker great either – whilst we strive to reduce the weight as much as possible we did not compromise on the fundamentals of what our waste vacuum tanker should offer our customer:

  • Reliable – Our last product has been in the market for over 15 years and is still going strong. That’s why we’ve been developing this product for 2+ years so you can be safe in the knowledge your tanker will last the distance.
  • Cost effective – Quite simply put, our tanker will carry more payload with lower operating costs compared to other tankers.
  • Specified to meet your needs – we understand everyone will have different requirements be it for a hire fleet, single owner operator or large haulage companies. That’s why our product offers you the flexibility to ensure your requirements are met.

So, with a product that can deliver efficiencies day-to-day as well as lower whole life costs the question must be – why take the chance with anyone else?

For more information about this product please see the specifications on our website or get in contact with our sales department at +442879401555.

20th March 2019

Posted by: Crossland Tankers

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