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Over 20 years ago Crossland introduced the first 30,000L milk reload tanker to our product line up and since then it has grown to be the workhorse of the UK milk fleet. The initial design criteria for the product was to be a strong, durable tanker with a long-life span – this has been well proven by multiple operators!

The second generation

At Crossland we listen to our customers to ensure we are improving our product and constantly delivering products that are of value.

Our second generation of the milk reload product aims to gel together the previous design criteria along with new requirements driven by a need for tanker cost savings, lower maintenance and improvements in payload capacity, these include:

  • Utilising new materials to reduce the weight of the overall tanker improving payloads
  • Optimisation of manufacturing techniques thereby reducing product costs
  • Minimising the number of components therefore improving the operation and reducing the amount of maintenance required
  • Improvements to the positioning of certain components to prevent accidental damage
  • The introduction of stainless steel axle hangars preventing rust and improving the lifespan of the vehicle

Key product options

It is possible to customise our milk reload products to your specific needs, some of the typical options are:

  • ATP rated insulation to allow food products to be moved across international borders giving your tanker more operational capacity
  • Shipping options – Over many years we have developed a suite of options to ensure your tanker is robust and durable enough to withstand shipping environments
  • Pumping options – We offer a range of pumping options from standard hydraulic to an electronic pumping system
  • External Cleaning – This option ensures that the tanker has smoothed outer surfaces to allow automated brush washing
  • Internal finishing – Our manufacturing process leaves the internal surface of the tanker ready for food products

The final solution

Crossland can offer a milk reload tanker weighing 5200Kg with reliability at the heart of its design. Combine this weight saving with a tank that can be customised to your needs and supplied at a competitive cost, Crossland promise to deliver value to your business.

11th May 2018

Posted by: Crossland Tankers

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